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Most people regard nuts and bolts as necessary evils. Yet no machine can function without them, and any machine can be ruined or greatly enhanced by the choice of fastener. New plated items can look good, but usually not for long. Now in my 31st year of supplying stainless steel, I can say without fear of contradiction that I now offer the most comprehensive and best range available, mostly with off my shelf availability.

Stainless steel is not a luxury product, but is the only viable material to use on any machine subject to damp, road salt, sea air etc. Once the hundreds of potential rust spots on your machine are eliminated by using stainless steel, your entire machine will be considerably easier to maintain in good condition, and will look much better too. My proudest possession is my sheaf of letters from satisfied customers, and it is in my interest to ensure that you are another.

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Lubrication Stainless bolts are supplied totally degreased hence lubrication is essential on assembly.. Read More
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