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Stainless bolts are supplied totally degreased hence lubrication is essential on assembly. Molybdenum Disulphide grease or 'Copperslip' is suggested - Doubly essential with self locking nuts. 'Loctite' replaces lubricant if used.

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What does MSC and SH mean for nuts?

MSC stands for machined, single chamfer. These nuts are machined from hexagon bar as opposed to stamped out (cold formed) like mass produced nuts. SH stands for small hexagon. These nuts are one spanner size down from standard.

Using the website

Don't click on the categories i.e. 'Bolts & Setscrews', this will bring up a random list of ALL our bolts and setscrews (there are lots!). Instead, hover over the category and select the appropriate sub-category i.e. Metric, UNC, etc. OR use the search bar. Any issues with the site or using the site PLEASE call or email us.

Tight nuts?!

If you experience difficulty screwing our BSCY and BSF nuts on by hand it's most likely just the very first thread which can get slightly deformed (unnoticeable to the naked eye) during the polishing process. All that is required is a little grease and once the nut is wound on the bolt with a spanner the nut will free up.

Ordering Bar?

The maximum length per piece is 20". If ordering multiple long lengths, or bar greater than 1/2" diameter we can ship up to 30" lengths. Upon checkout be sure to select the 'Bar postage' option. We appreciate this shipping option is more expensive than regular none bar orders but it covers the cutting charge, extra time and extra packaging not to mention bar orders are usually fairly heavy.

Ordering online?

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Sending nut and bolt samples for thread identification?

Two or three will be identified free of charge. But larger quantities will be charged for at 10%. Use tie on labels only, and include payment card details.


All quantities or fasteners below 40 will be packaged together in the same bag unless requested otherwise. The exception would be for similar fasteners that are not immediately identified by eye (i.e. 1/4 BSF and 1/4 UNF nuts). If the order is very large (£200+) we will sort different thread types into different bags with the thread type shown on each bag.

Bolt vs. Setscrew...

A setscrew is simply a bolt with no plain shank i.e. the thread goes right upto the head.

Lock nuts?! Nyloc?! Thin nuts?! What's what??

A lock nut is simply a thin nut. Two thin nuts are tightened against each other to 'lock' the nuts or stud. A Nyloc or Staytite nut is a 'self locking nut'.