Manufacturer and Supplier of Stainless Steel Components

Payment information

D.Middleton & Son we understand that different people have different requirements and we believe in giving our customers choice. As a customer led organisation we've provided a comprehensive selection of ways to place an order.

Secure Website

Enabling 24 hour access to product information and a secure interface allowing orders to be placed around the clock without leaving your desk. Website orders can be placed without the need to create an account, just scroll down to 'Instant Checkout' when asked to create an account or sign in. Please note, if paying via a Paypal account with insufficient funds there will be a 5-7 day delay in transferring the funds to us as it has to come from your bank account to your Paypal account then to us.


We understand that some people are uneasy with placing orders over the internet or are a little computer shy so we welcome telephone orders as well.

Fax or Email

We are happy to take orders via email and fax.