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Norton Commando 750/850

Norton Commando 750/850
Gearbox C33 Kickstart lever clamp bolt & washer
Brakes Front and Rear C60 Rear calliper bolts spring & plain washer (2) (Mk.III)
Footrest Mounting C79 Bolts Nuts & washers for bartrest plates to frame
Miscellaneous (All Stainless) C105 Coil bolts & washers (4)
Engine C24a Crank set Pre MKIII
Engine C1 Exhaust rocker cover nuts (4)
Gearbox C34 Gear lever clamp bolt washer nut (Not Mk.III)
Brakes Front and Rear C61 Bolts & spring washer for disc to hub (5)
Footrest Mounting C80 Nut for Zener diode with spring washers (Domed)
Miscellaneous (All Stainless) C106 Nut & washer for oil tank rubber mounts (4)
Rear Wheel C91 MK1 & 2 Chain adjuster bolts and lock nuts
Engine C3 Inlet rocker cover nut (1)
Gearbox C35 Bolt & washer for gear pointer
Brakes Front and Rear C63 Stop light switch bolts nuts & washers (on rear brake lever) Not Mk. III (2)
Footrest Mounting C81 Nut for bartrest pins (2) (Not Mk.III)
Miscellaneous (All Stainless) C108 Petrol tap nuts (2)
Engine C5a Rocker spindle cover plates (4)
Engine C5 Bolts for rocker cover plates (8)
Gearbox C36 Inspection cover allen screws (2)
Brakes Front and Rear C64 Rear brake lever adjusting bolt & nut. Not Mk.III (1)
Footrest Mounting C83 Spacers for C84 (2)
Miscellaneous (All Stainless) C109 Petrol tap thin locknuts (2)
***Full stainless kit!!*** (includes all the below, please tell us which Commando when ordering)
Engine C6 Cylinder head bolts nuts and washers (16)
Gearbox C37 Drain plug (1)