Manufacturer and Supplier of Stainless Steel Fasteners


Engine C24 Crank set. MkIII
Engine C3 Inlet rocker cover nut (1)
Engine C5 Bolts for rocker cover plates (8)
Engine C6 Cylinder head bolts nuts and washers (16)
Engine C13 Headsteady allen screws and washers (3)
Engine C14 Cylinder base nuts (850 models only) and washers (5)
Engine C16 Allen screws for rev counter drive (2)
Engine C17 Timing cover allen screws (12)
Engine C19 MkIII Primary chaincase allen screws (13)
Engine C1 Exhaust rocker cover nuts (4)
Engine C21 Points cover allen screws (2)
Engine C30 Selflock nuts & washers for rear Isolastic stud
Engine C20 Primary case center nut
Engine C7 Carb banjo bolt
Engine C8 Rocker feed banjo bolt
Engine C24a Crank set Pre MKIII
Engine C5a Rocker spindle cover plates (4)
Engine C9 Cylinder head sleeve nuts (pair)
Engine C4 Oil pressure relief valve domed nut